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A boy is attacked by a black bear and saved by his grandfather in a wheelchair


He was assaulted while playing on a trampoline in the garden of his grandparents’ house.

A 69 year old man in a wheelchair saved the life of his grandson, after a black bear from 69 kilograms sneaked into the backyard of his house in Connecticut (USA) and brutally attacked him.

The youngest, of 10 years old, was assaulted last Sunday in the town of Morris while playing on a trampoline in the garden. When his grandfather, James Butler, realized what was happening, the bear already had the boy’s leg in his mouth and was dragging him through the garden.

Butler headed towards the bear and threw a metal bar at its head. The animal released the child, but then grabbed him again, however, a neighbor, alerted by the child’s screams, appeared and brandished a metal tube, which made the bear back away.

The animal then attempted to enter the house using Butler’s wheelchair ramp, but was fatally shot by a state trooper. The boy was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries, including a puncture wound to his thigh, bite marks on his feet and claw marks on his back, his grandparents told the Waterbury Republican-American.


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