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“A blatant hate crime”: they steal a solid gold tabernacle from a church in New York


In addition, one of the temple’s marble angel statues was decapitated.

A group of criminals stole a valued solid gold jewel-encrusted tabernacle in two million dollars from a Catholic church in Brooklyn, New York (USA), reported this Sunday the City Police Department (NYPD, for its acronym in English).

According to local media reports, an unknown number of thieves broke into the St. Augustine Catholic Church in the Park Slope neighborhood, which was closed for construction, sometime between 26 and 28 May.

The assailants cut the protective metal cover and extracted the jeweled tabernacle of 18-carat gold, which, according to records, is over a century old.

The tabernacle, a large structure that houses the Holy Eucharist, was located under a vaulted arch and was hidden by what appears to be a golden revolving door, which the thieves drilled through to gain access.

The Police said that the thieves also decapitated one of the marble statues of angels and do not know the whereabouts of the head.

The church describes the stolen object as “a masterpiece and one of the most expensive tabernacles in the country”, which was “protected by its own security system”. Said system was a kind of electronically operated “safe” with “one inch (2.54 cm) thick ‘hardened’ steel plates that roll on ball bearings and completely enclose the tabernacle.”

In this regard, the Diocese of Brooklyn in a statement described the act as a “ blatant crime of disrespect and hate, who profaned the most holy Eucharist”.


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