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A barge sunk during World War II reappears on Italy's largest river, facing its worst drought in 70 years


The authorities fear that if it does not rain soon, the north will suffer from a shortage of drinking water.

Italy faces the worst drought in the last 70 years, that threatens food and energy problems, as it has caused the water level to drop in the country’s largest river , which feeds several regions, reports The Guardian.

The water level of the Po River, some 650 kilometers long, which sustains the industrial centers of the country, is now so low that everything, from vegetable production to hydroelectric power and fishing, is negatively affected. According to the authorities, if it doesn’t rain soon, northern Italy will suffer from a shortage of drinking water.

In addition, an indicator of the severity of the drought was the appearance of the barge Zibello, 50 meters long, which transported wood during the Second World War and was sunk in 1943, which is normally covered by the waters of the river.

Drought, caused by higher temperatures than normal, little precipitation and decreased snow during the winter, which has contributed to the reduction of the melting ice that flows towards the Po, has forced the leaders of several regions, such as Lombardy and Piedmont, to insist on declaring the state of emergency, as some northern cities rely on trucked water supplies.

“This drought is unique in history due to the combination of two anomalies: the lack of rain and the increase in temperatures, which is directly related to climate change“, said Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meteorological Society.


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