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A 17 years old dancer recovers from an infection caused by a rare flesh eating bacteria and is named ‘miracle child’

She was connected to a respirator and underwent multiple surgeries.

A teenage girl from Wheeling, West Virginia has made an amazing recovery after spending several weeks fighting in an intensive care unit against a rare carnivorous bacteria.

Olivia Kiger-Camilo, 17, was connected to a respirator and underwent multiple surgeries due to of monomicrobial necrotizing fasciitis caused by a carnivorous bacterium, located in a foot, which affects very few people in the world.

The young woman assures that she was in a dance competition in March, when he realized he had a gash on his foot that was bleeding, and he thought he might have broken a toe. Despite the pain, she went ahead with the competition, cleaning the wound. But as the hours passed, the pain grew more intense. It was then that he realized that it was something serious, as he told the television network WTRF.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital, however, no pain medication or treatment seemed to reduce the pain. In less than 24 hours, her condition had worsened: her affected foot turned black, her blood pressure plummeted, and her body temperature spiked to almost 40°C. She underwent multiple operations to remove the bacteria, causing her to stay in hospital for almost 30 days. She also needed a skin graft and physical therapy. Now, months later, she continues to work to regain her strength and mobility, which were diminished after her month in bed.

The dancer expressed her gratitude to the team at WVU Children’s Hospital Medicine, where she was treated, as she is now healthy and will be able to dance again. On August 6, she will be honored as the ‘miracle girl’, during a children’s gala organized by the medical center.



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