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73% of animals euthanized in the US during the avian flu outbreak were “baked alive”


The main method used It consists of suffocating poultry, closing the flow of air and increasing the temperature until they die.

Some 38 million birds were culled in the US as a result of the bird flu outbreak recorded in recent months, which which has sparked criticism and protests against the mechanism used to kill the animals.

The main slaughter procedure used is the so-called closure of the ventilation, which consists of the cut off the air supply in the place where the animals are and in increase the temperature until they die. This method was used in el 73% of the cases between last February and March, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture

In response, Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) Farm Animal Program Director Dena Jones charged that “the culling of millions of sentient creatures baking them alive is a moral tragedy of immense proportion”. “This process can take hours and is likely to result in severe distress to the animals. Intentionally inflicting death in such a way is unacceptable,” he added. For its part, a group of veterinarians and animal rights advocates demanded that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reclassify this method as “not recommended” and that it be used only in “extremely unusual life-threatening situations”.

The massive spread of bird flu caused changes in the methods used during the 2015 outbreak. So, 50 million farm birds were culled through carbon dioxide poisoning and of suffocation with foam against fires, while now the majority procedure is the closing of the ventilation.

This The situation has already led to other protest demonstrations. One of them occurred on April 12, when Alicia Santurio hit the Minnesota Timberwolves court in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers for the NBA. The woman was wearing a T-shirt that read “Glen Taylor burns live animals,” alluding to the owner of the Timberwolves, who also owns a farm where the questionable method would have been used.


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