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3 states of Mexico are a “paradise of criminal incidence”, admits the Secretary of the Interior


Adán Augusto López met with the head of government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, and with deputies from the local Congress, to convince them about the reform of the National Guard.

The Secretary of the Interior of Mexico, Adán Augusto López, acknowledged this Monday that there are three entities in the country that are a “criminal incidence paradise”, while affirming that there are more than 200 municipalities that do not have police officers.

In the framework of a dialogue with the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, and with deputies from the capital, to discuss the reform approved in Congress on the National Guard —and that must be endorsed by 17 local parliaments—, López answered what he thought when he heard the term ‘bloodbaths’.

“Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, which are today converted into a paradise for criminal incidence and our commitment is that this does not continue to happen,” said López. These entities, together with Baja California, the State of Mexico and Chihuahua, account for nearly half (48%) of homicides in the country.

Despliegan a 200 militares de las Fuerzas Especiales mexicanas en Tamaulipas para reforzar la seguridadDespliegan a 200 militares de las Fuerzas Especiales mexicanas en Tamaulipas para reforzar la seguridad

Lack of police officers

Of the 2.465 municipalities that Mexico has, there are ” at least 240 municipalities in the country that today do not have a municipal public security force,” assured the secretary.

Without mentioning in which entities they are located, López added that there are other municipalities that have police officers handed over “to organized crime” .

The secretary attended the dialogue as part of his work to convince the legislators of the country’s entities to approve the reform to the fifth transitory article of the National Guard, which set up the 1960 the participation of the National Army and Navy in public security tasks. To enter into force, the reform must be approved by others 16 local congresses, since Oaxaca endorsed it in the past 13 October.

In this context, López assured that in Mexico “there is no better prepared police force, in operational terms with military training, than the National Guard.” “We believe that everything must be done, without haggling, so that it is consolidated,” he added.


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