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25 young people were arrested in Spain for cheating half a million euros from Amazon with the return of orders

They requested the reimbursement of high-end electronic devices arguing that they had some defect, but they kept them.

The Spanish National Police has arrested 25 young people, between 20 and 35 years old, for defrauding more than half a million euros from the online sales giant Amazon.

The investigation began in January last year, when the agents learned that several people they had sent empty product return packages, each corresponding to a different customer account.

During the operation, the existence of a group of young people who were dedicated defrauds the multinational through a procedure that consisted of creating Amazon customer accounts that were associated with virtual payment cards with which they bought the products. Thus, they created around 500 customer accounts associated with more than 400 cards.

They put the products for sale on the Internet

When they received the product, generally high-end electronic devices, requested a refund alleging a defect, but instead of putting it in the box, it the left empty and with the return reference attached to it.

Once the products reached the Amazon box office and the company contacted them, arguing that they had not received the product or that it had a defect. Later they put them up for sale on Internet pages.

The operation culminated in June with the arrest of 25 young people belonging to a network that was allegedly led by six people.


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