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“123456”: 'Hacker' Group Claims To Have Stolen Hundreds Of Gigabytes Of Data From Chipmaker ADM By Guessing Easy Passwords From Its Employees


AMD stated that it has launched an investigation to clarify what happened, but did not reveal whether cybercriminals obtained access to company customer data .

American chipmaker AMD is investigating a possible data leak following the announcement of a group of ‘hackers’ called RansomHouse, which claims to have stolen hundreds of gigabytes of company information by guessing very easy passwords of its employees, reports the TechCrunch portal.

From According to computer criminals, who claim to attack companies with weak security systems, they managed to infiltrate AMD’s systems in January this year and stole 450 gigabytes of data.

“An era of cutting-edge technology, progress and maximum security […] It seems that they are still just fine words, when even technological giants like AMD use simple passwords to protect their networks from intrusions”, RansomHouse wrote this Monday in its website, adding that this data theft is “a major embarrassment to the AMD Security Department, which receives significant funding, according to documents” obtained.

According to some of it s stolen documents, already leaked online and accessed by TechCrunch, AMD employees used passwords as simple as ‘password’, ‘123456’ or ‘Welcome1’.

Furthermore, RansomHouse posted a notice on its website for victims to contact the group for “further instructions” on how to avoid the full leak.

For its part, an AMD spokesman confirmed that the company was “aware that a bad actor claims to be in possession of stolen data” and noted that an investigation was ongoing. However, the company did not disclose if it had received ransom demands or if cybercriminals had obtained customer data.


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